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About Us

Our company — “Atelier Catering”, earlier known as “Stolica Service”, has been organizing the outdoor events from 2000.

The many years’ experience, thanks to which we received the invaluable knowledge and skills, helps us to “stand on our feet” in the conditions of rush growing market and competition.

The idea of rebranding appears mainly because the market is changing, our customers’ needs are changing and, accordingly, we are changing too.

Why we are successful during all these years in spite of the growing competition?

We succeed to bring together the team of experienced professionals, who loves to do what they do. We love our work and our guests — this is our main principle.

The second our main principle — is that we are learning every day. Without the desire for motion, knowledge there is impossible to get the successful development. We like to learn, to travel, to comprehend new technologies, to absorb gastronomical tastes from all over the world and implement this knowledge and experience in our work and for our guests.

In recent years the restaurant business rapidly developed and significantly increased the level of the Ukrainians’ restaurant and food culture. Though, if previously the adherence of European service standards was the obvious advantage, now — it is the essential condition of catering company.

Keeping up with the times, we are specialized in the organization of catering for business, formal, private and major events from 2 till 3000 persons.
Our company develops the conception of the events, creates the art-projects, develops the food-design trends, culinary shows and culinary team-buildings.

Due to the customer’s request we may select the venue of the event, embody the fantasies into conception, interior, food and will provide different event-services.
We are working with the most popular trends of cuisine: Ukrainian, European, Japanese, Indian, Latin American, Scandinavian and in addition offering dishes of the author’s and stylized cuisine. We are carrying out the degustation for customers, in order to ensure the customer, that the guests will taste exactly the requested dishes.
Following the European tendencies, we are using new cooking technologies.

We are following all the new, fashionable trends in cooking, gastronomy and hospitality industry as a whole.

“Atelier Catering” — is the ideas workshop, where the new concepts are creating and all your ideas are embodies.


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